Friday, March 27, 2009

Thanks Jenny

I want to send a special thanks to my sister-in-law's talented friend, Jenny. She designed my header for this blog. I told her what I liked, and she gave several fabulous options. Thanks again, Jenny!!!

Decorative Wipe Containers

Why carry a boring travel wipe container when you can be in style? Each wipe container is padded, fabric wrapped on both sides, and glued on all edges. I can use any fabric combination that you prefer and can add embellishments.

Birthday Banners

Refer me to your friends and family and get a discount! The first 2 people that refer me to their friends or family, and they place an order, you will receive your birthday banner for $20.
Growing up, my dear sweet friends' mom always hung a hand-painted birthday banner on their mantle. I loved the idea so much that I said I was going to do it for my kids, too. Now that I have a kid, one on the way, and work full time, I realized that I probably wouldn't have the time or energy to make one each year, especially since ME's birthday is so close to Christmas. Rather than rushing through and sloppily painting one every year, I decided to hand-paint one on canvas that I could reuse every year.

This is Mary Elizabeth's banner. The pink was a nice break from all of the Christmas decor in the house.

I painted this one for my friend, Molly, and her son, Carson. He is having his second birthday this weekend. Wow!
Each birthday banner is hand-painted on canvas. I personally like to do the three-tiered cake for drama, but I can paint almost any design that you would like. I cut out enough fabric candles for you to have 18 candles. I figured that your child will probably not want a birthday banner after 18. I'm a little different, though, and actually would love it at any age!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will's Room

I love to do children's rooms because the possibilities are endless! Plus, you get to add the kid's personal touch, if they'll let you. This is one of the first children's rooms I did on my own (of course, with my wonderful assistant).

I am really excited with how the walls turned out. The main part around the room is a straw yellow with a 12" red border to coordinate with the bedding.

Painting Tip: A great way to save on painting costs is to do the painting yourself. I think the dad did a great job in this room! Painting straight lines is not as hard as it may seem. Just make sure you have a straight edge, level, ruler, and painter's tape.

I usually try to stay away from themed rooms so the kids can grow with the room, but I couldn't pass up this cute cowboy print to go with the stars on the opposite wall.