Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tutu cute

I'm not really sure how to show off the tutus the best way. But you have to know that they are way cuter in person and that they make wonderful, vibrant pictures for your little princesses! I can supply all of the material, or I can create one with colors of tulle, ribbon, flowers, etc. of your own. However, I prefer working with the 6" spools of tulle as opposed to the bolts of tulle, but am willing to use whatever you'd like me to!

This was Mary Elizabeth's 1-year birthday tutu. She looked so sassy in it with her hot pink cupcake tights and fake Uggs!

This was made for a friend's newborn baby. I've never made one so small, but it was so cute to see the finished tiny product! I can't wait to see what it looks like on her!

I call this one "Wild Child", mainly because of the crazy picture. If you've seen one tutu, though, you pretty much know what it looks like. It's really fun, and I can see it being paired with zebra tights, or some funky shirt. This one was made to fit about a 1-year-old and still needs a home. :)

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